Mika to tie knot this year

All he wanted his entire life was a Hummer and with the car parked safely in his garage, the one thing missing in singer Mika Singh’s life is a wife and the self-styled playboy is desperately looking for a "missus".

The Punjabi singer who is enjoying a career high with back to back hits including Ibn-e-Batoota and Apni To Jaise Taise wants to get married this very year and is going to great lengths to find the right girl, including ardaas (prayers) in Gurudwaras and match making websites.

"I have achieved more than I ever thought I will have. I always wanted a Hummer and now I have that too, so I thought it’s time I slowed down and get settled. I plan to get married this year and when I find the right girl, it will be ‘chat mangni pat byah’," the singer told PTI.

The 33-year-old who shot to instant infamy after the much hyped kissing incident involving reality TV star Rakhi Sawant says that his partying days are long over.

"People often say I have this or that image, but it’s not a constructed thing, it’s who I am but it will not affect my life as a husband. I want a partner who accepts me as I am and I know I will be a good faithful husband," said the singer.

Mika claims that he has NRI parents queuing outside his doors with proposals of marriage, but he wants to marry a ‘Desi’ girl.

"I started receiving proposals when I was 21 and I have received thousands of proposals from NRI families over the years but I would prefer an Indian girl," said the singer. Mika who claims to have turned down the offer to star in a matchmaking reality TV show which later went to Rahul Mahajan, said that he is a true believer in the institution of marriage.

"I believe in our traditions and marriage is a very important one and I believe in its sanctity, it’s important to share your life with somebody and I am looking for the right person now," said Mika, the youngest of the six Mehndi brothers, with Punjabi popstar Daler Mehndi being the eldest.

Though he has not yet found the right girl, Mika has grand plans for the wedding. "I have decided to sing during my wedding. I charge Rs 15 lakhs to sing at weddings and I don’t want to pay that kind of money to anyone else," said Mika.

The singer is currently working on his fifth album and is just back from a successful US tour. "We toured five states in the US and the turn-out was fabulous. When you are out there you realise that Bollywood is all the rage in the West and Hollywood stars are now trying to get a foothold here," said the singer.

The singer who started playing the tabla at the age of 8 and is known for his distinct vocal style says that he is the only playback singer who has carved out a niche without any big names behind him.

"Most singers are known as the voice of this or that star but I have never sung for Shah Rukh Khan or Salman Khan but all my songs are hits. I believe in the work I do and I had luck on my side," said Mika.(PTI)


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