‘Mid Night 12 O’clock – A Horror Love Story’

Mid Night 12 o clock A Horror Love Story
Mid Night 12 o clock A Horror Love Story

If one wants to make a film and make it hit at the box office, one needs stars or at least recognizable faces. Bu there is only one genre in which hits can easily come without recognizable faces and it is horror. Story and premise are the important aspects for this genre and that’s why we see number of small films in this genre getting released these days. Here is another.

Titled ‘Mid Night 12 O’clock – A Horror Love Story’, it is a horror comedy directed by Pramod Rao Shirbhate. Said to be a musical horror love story, shooting of this film has already completed and the post production works are in full swing. It has been made in Hindi and Marathi with Abhishekh Chauhan and Rohit Rajput in lead roles.

In the movie, a ghost marries a girl and after the first night, strange things happen in the house. It is set to release in September 2015.

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