Metro Telugu Movie Review

Rating: 2.5/5

Critic Rating: (2.5/5)

If a film is hit in any language, makers of other industries and languages keep an eye on them and they try to remake or dub them and target to reap profits out of them. There have been many instances like that and many good movies are released like that which become successful on their release owing to their content. Premiste, Shopping Mall, Journey, Renigunta and some other are released by Suresh Kondeti on his SK pictures banner which are successful. This time he is releasing another dubbing film in the name of Metro which is directed by Ananda Krishnan. Let’s see how it works on us!


A still from Metro Movie
A still from Metro Movie

Adhikesav (Shirish Saravanan) is a writer for a press and the eldest son of a retired Police Head-constable and his wife, has a brother names Madhusudhan (Satya) who is a 1st year Engineering student. Adhikesav’s Middle-class family life is however happy with his friend Kumar (Sendrayan) mingling as one of the family. Problem begins when Madhusudhan is pressured by his girl friend to get an expensive bike, persuades his family to get him a bike. Though hesitant at first, they agree to get him a bike of his choice. However, delay in getting his bike and seeing his classmate Ganesh (Nishanth) spending casually makes him curious to know what he does for money and gradually he dwells into the same lifestyle and practices. What do they do to earn money? How Adikeshav solve his family problems form the rest of the story.

Cast and Performance

Metro Telugu Movie Poster
Metro Telugu Movie Poster

Sirish Saravanan as Adhikesav is superb and he is good at his emotions and is perfect fit for the role. Bobby Simha as Guna, head of the jewellery robbery gang is terrific. His performance as insane guy is superb to watch on screen. Satya as Madhusudhan is one of the finest performances in the movie and his performance for the character in its various phases is the best and he performed it with superb conviction. Thulasi as mother of Sirish Saravanan and Madhusudhan is nice. She played her part well. All other actors did to the extent of their roles.

Writing Department

Plot of this Metro is nice and new when thought about it but screenplay plays the negative way which fails to engage audience. Dialogues are good.

Technical Departments

Music composed by Johan is okay and he is good with the background music which elevates movie particularly in emotional sequences to the next level. Cinematography by N S Uthaya Kumar is nice and he rendered good visuals to watch on screen. Editing by Ramesh Baarathi is good. Stunt sequences are composed well. Production values are good and apt.


  • Satya as Madhusudhan


  • Logics
  • Screenplay


Movie runs on a flashback mode and it mainly runs on chain snatching and the lives of middle class people. Screenplay is engaging most of the time and loses grip during second half. Character of Madhusudhan played by Satya is well written and his performance as a fearing guy to fearful guy with transformation is superb. Biggest asset of this movie is its casting and everyone played their part so well and in a believable way. Director Ananda Krishnan did a fine job in handling this movie. They way he showcased the life of a middle class guy and insecurities of him and his family is nice to watch on screen. He should have focussed more on writing an impactful screenplay and making audience engage in the movie. Logics in the movie are ignored in the script level and the movie looks silly without any logics mainly during second half. If there is something about this movie which will be remembered after the movie is the character of Sathya. To sum up, Metro is a thriller which fails to engage audience.

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