Rating: 2.00/5

Critic Rating: (2.00/5)

What’s it all about?


The film Mesthri is essentially a patriotic film about brave army officers and also looks at social issue of how Dalits are being oppressed in the country. But Dasari injects a political twist to the film with his script. As a result, the film ends up targeting Chiranjeevi to a considerable extent.


The plot:


A new worker joins the shipping company at Visakhapatnam. He goes by the name Palakollu (Dasari Narayana Rao). Palakollu takes up the cause of the workers and becomes their Mesthri.


He fights for their cause and even manages to get land allotted to them to construct houses. But a freedom fighter Gopala Krishna and his family members eye the land and try to grab it.


Gopala Krishna also has a burning desire to become the chef minister of the state. Palakollu now takes it upon himself to expose the ‘real face’ of Gopala Krishna and also bring the killers of Mjaor Devaraj (Mohan Babu) to book.


Palakollu is not a humble port worker but retired Major Narasimham. Palakollu is sited in his campaign by a suspended police officer Hari (Sri Hari).


The actors:


The film runs entirely on the aged shoulders of Dasari Narayan Rao. It must be however acknowledged that he carries the role with dignity and also does full justice to it.


Mohan Babu does a guest role. However the fire and brim that he is so famous for is surprisingly missing in the film.


Sri Hari looks quite young and handsome and caries his role with confidence and dignity.


The rest of the star cast, from Vijay Kumar to Sudha, Chandramohan, Sujita, Sayaji Shinde, Mukul Dev and others act as per the requirements of the script.


Best scene:


The best scene in the film surprisingly is a song sequence that goes like this “ Naagamalli daarilo… Aagamaipomaaku tammi…” The entire contents of the song are directed at Chiranjeevi.


The song is very sweet and effective and asks the fans not to get carried away by the charisma of their screen idol.


The bottom line:


The film ‘Meshtri’ ends up as a film out targeting Chiranjeevi and his one point agenda – to become the next chief minister of the state, at any cost!


Dssari also has a message to the voters, to use their vote judiciously and not let down their mother, ‘Bharat Mata’ for the sake of a liquor bottle or a five hundred rupee note.


The film is high on morals and bit low on entertainment, going by current Tollywood standards. 


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