Meri Pyaari Bindu Review

Rating: 2.5/5

Critic Rating: (2.5/5)

Movie Name Meri Pyaari Bindu
Movie Cast Ayushmann Khurrana, Parineeti Chopra
Director Akshay Roy
Music Director Sachin-Jigar
Production Company Maneesh Sharma
Release Date May 12, 2017

With some very innovative and interesting trailers, the promotions did build up well to look forward to. Produced by Maneesh Sharma who earlier made a rom-com with Parineeti in Shuddh Desi, Meri Pyaari Bindu promises to be a playful yet emotional ride especially when you listen to the Maane Ke Hum Yaar nahin. Did the movie could stand up to what it promised? Alas, NO.

A still from Meri Pyari Bindu
A still from Meri Pyari Bindu

The movie begins in the present day where Abhimanyu Roy who has become a popular desi author with horny horror as forte, begins to write a love story. The love story is his own. A love story that began with his neighbor girl, when he was in nickers. Bindu is the neighbor girl who has been quirky, carefree and live-in-the moment types. Abhi is an assistant to all her menace because he has always been fond of her. Abhi is more or less clears that he has always loved Bindu. However, Bindu’s mind is always unstable. She never finishes anything. Be it a graduation or relationships. She has a track record of leaving them in between. So, Meri Pyari Bindu is the journey of Abhi and Bindi and its destination.

The movie takes almost 25 minutes to pick up. It picks up when you hear the voice of Parineeti on the tape-recorder singing Abhi Naa Jaao Chodkar. That moment gives a hope that once Parineeti arrives, the movie will get a grip. However, it doesn’t happen, the movie doesn’t really get a grip at any point in the film. The foremost reason being the non-linear screenplay which doesn’t work in this film. It took away the moments even before they were getting built. Another major drawback is the chemistry between Ayushmann and Parineeti. They just couldn’t create any magic. The screenplay too doesn’t offer much to get a clarity about the two leads. Hence, the pain is not conveyed clearly. Except for one scene, Abhi maintains a cool-minded expression in any situation. Should we understand that he is OK even during bad times with Bindu ? In that case, why should the viewer bother if Bindu stays with him or leaves him. The humour also doesn’t score much. The big boss reference was the only place where it worked.

The last 15 minutes is the time when the movie gets all its intentions and emotions right, but it’s too late. Though the movie at a high level tries to bring audience close to reality, the narration was hardly effective. The empathy created was zero.

The only few good things about the movie are the songs recorded on the casette and the movie’s own music track. Of course, the climax was touching too.

All in all, Abhi and Bindu disappoint.

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