Megan Fox Is Posing On All Fours

You know, so many interesting things come out of Megan Fox’s mouth, it’s easy to forget that the other end of her can be pretty thought-provoking too.

Luckily, the wicked-classy folks over at Harper’s Bazaar—you know, the venerable fashion magazine—are here to remind us of that fact, with this intellectually stimulating image of the Transformers beauty on all fours, with her back arched, and her exposed buttocks gleaming in the sunlight like twin beacons leading us all to a better tomorrow.

And though it’s not completely obvious, in this photo Megan is totally thinking about the intricacies of health-care reform. But because the Harper’s staff is smart, and they know that you’re smart too, they know you can figure that out on your own. No use in gaudily spelling things out, after all.

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