Mega rain to shower on Tollywood – Series of flicks

Mega Films

Varun Teja’s debut movie “Mukunda” is set to hit the screens in the last week of December. Power Star Pawan Kalyan’s “Gopala Gopala” is set to get into the position for Pongal. On the other hand, Sai Dharam Teja’s “Rey” too is moving the pawns to get released soon.

Adding to this, Allu Arjun – Trivikram Srinivas venture is set to hit the screens in first week of December. This means that four ventures are hitting the screens in almost one and half month span. All of these ventures are from Mega Family and hence we can expect huge box office collections.

Among all these flicks, “Gopala Gopala” and Allu Arjun’s venture are coming up as the main highlights. “Mukunda” too is clouded with huge expectations as it is the debut flick of the most handsome Mega Family hero, Varun Teja. Lets see how may records will get blasted by these flicks.

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