Mega fight between Ram Charan and Mahesh Fans!

Today (April 19, 2012), in Nellore there was a big fight between the Mega fans and Mahesh Babu fans over flexis. As per the sources in Nellore at Narthaki theater, Ram Charan fans has kept the flexis and banners stated that Racha is no.1 movie in the district and which makes the Mahesh Babu’s fans angry because they feel that Mahesh Babu holds that record. Mahesh Babu fans tore away the flexis and banners, which made the Mega fans angry.

First there was a verbal fight between two groups and later it leads to the physical fight between them.After that, police entered into the situation and they dispersed the two groups.

Fans should realise on this issues because if the things goes worst their life and their families life will be affected not the actors.

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