Mega Fans Satires on Ram Charan!

Mega family has one of the ardent fan bases in Tollywood film industry. The millions of fans have been supporting the Mega family heroes starting from Chiranjeevi to Sirish irrespective of hits and flops.

Ram Charan Neethone Song
Ram Charan Neethone Song

However, the recent we hear is that a section of mega fans, netizens mostly, are cracking jokes on Charan on social media. Makers of Charan’s upcoming film ‘Dhruva’ have already announced their decision of not having audio release function and releasing the songs directly into a market on 9th November. To support their claim, they have already released 10 sec teasers of 2 songs.

Some fans have reportedly found ‘Neethone Dance Tonight’ tune, a replica of a song from a Tamil film. Another factor is Dhruva having only four songs in the movie. It is heard that these negative discussions have somehow reached Charan and he is now worried about how people might receive the album.

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