Mega Daughter Niharika On Casting Couch

Mega princess Niharika Konidela recently came up with the film titled Happy Wedding. The film has Sumanth Ashwin in the lead role. The movie has become a flop at the box office and during a recent media interaction, the actress opened up about the casting couch.

Niharika on Casting Couch
Niharika on Casting Couch

“Casting couch exists everywhere and it is not correct to say that it exists in the film industry alone. I have seen so many stories and have heard too. There is the abuse happening in every industry. If something happens without our concern, it is certainly sexual assault or sexual rape. Nothing really happens without our consent. Frankly speaking, I am not talking by being in their situation because my background is completely different and I cannot open up in it clearly” said Niharika Konidela.

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