Mega Camp furious over RGV for his sarcastic idea against Pawan Kalyan

Eccentric director Ram Gopal Varma leaves no stone unturned to make controversial comments on star heroes through his posts on social media. However, he has been cornering mega heroes – Chiranjeevi and Pawan Kalyan for quite some time now.

RGV and Sri Reddy
RGV and Sri Reddy

He made controversial comments on Chiru and Pawan Kalyan regarding films and political career as well. However, recently biggest shock for the mega fans came out that RGV was behind Sri Reddy using M-word against Pawan Kalyan.

RGV was caught red-handed by posting a video through which he revealed that it was he who influenced Sri Reddy to point out Pawan to divert media’s attention from Daggubati family.

However, now Mega fans are getting ready for Mega war against RGV. Well, we need to wait and see what kind of action they take against RGV.

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