Mega Brother Bangla for Sale!

Mega Star Chiranjeevi’s brother Nagababu, who produced recently released "Orange" movie which stars Ram Charan and Genelia in the lead roles. Now the latest gossip in the film nagar is Nagababu is all set to sale his Bangla. Sources say the reason behind sale is due to financial crisis.


As per the sources Ram Charan’s Orange film pushed Nagababu in financial crisis, the movie was bombed at the box office and Nagababu got huge loss from the Orange movie. But in other case one movie failure doesn’t impact on Megabrother. Because they are already well settled in industry and Nagababu also earned some good money from the real estate it seems. So one movie will not change his fate.


Some other sources say that Nagababu selling that Bangla for some other reason, but not for Orange movie failure.

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