Meet the new Mallika Sherawat!

Jacqueline Fernandez who has replaced Mallika Sherawat in ‘Murder 2′ says she is ready to shed her clothes if the role demands it.

"Of course, otherwise why are you an actor?" said Jacqueline when asked is she would be ready to shed her inhibitions if the script demands.

"Why are you an actor if you are not going to give your whole to a role? Otherwise don’t be an actor that’s what I think," said Jacqueline while talking to reporters on the sets of the ‘Let’s Design season -3′ programme in Kolkata.

‘Murder-2′ is as a sequel to the 2004 movie ‘Murder’ – which had steamy scenes and was one of that year’s big hits.

"I don’t know why people are actors when they are not ready to do it. If you are an actor you should be ready to do it. I am a serious actor and I am ready to do it for a character," said the 26- year old actress.(IANS)

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