Meet the 5-yr-old Brit boy who is already 4ft 2ins tall!

A boy in UK, who suffers from an overgrowth disorder, has already grown 4ft 2ins tall in just five-years, making him Britain’s biggest toddler.

Jack Ives is already the same height as boys finishing primary school, and his mother Hayley constantly has to replace his clothes and shoes because he grows out of them so quickly.

Jack is one of only 64 people in the UK born with Beckwith-Wiedemann syndrome an overgrowth disorder, which means the youngster, will just keep getting bigger.

The young lad has spent much of his short life in and out of hospital, as the syndrome has enlarged his tongue, which creates breathing and eating difficulties.

Jack is believed to have the most extreme symptoms of anyone in the world.

Now his family are raising 2,000 pounds so he and his mother can fly to Denver Colorado in July to be examined by Dr Bruce Beckwith, the man who first identified the disorder.

The youngster from Swinton, in South Yorkshire, was born six weeks premature yet weighed in at 7lbs 3oz. He spent most of first 12 months of his life in the intensive care unit at Sheffield Children’s Hospital.

Jack has already undergone 15 operations including three on his tongue to make it shorter, and has also had a tracheotomy and a gastronomy to enable him to eat and breath properly.

He lives with his parents, business sales worker Darren, 33, and Hayley, and siblings Abigail, 6, Josh, 2, and 16 months old Gray.

“We realised something was wrong because of Jack’s weight when he was born and we were stunned when doctors told us he had a rare condition for which there is no cure,” the Daily Mail quoted his mother as saying.

“We had never heard of the syndrome, no one in our families suffers from it and none of our other children have the condition. Jack spent the first 12 months of his life in hospital, mainly in intensive care.

“There are only certain foods he will eat because of the problems with his mouth. He loves tomato soup, spaghetti bolognese and the soft parts of pizzas.

“He is already in an adult size two shoe and he quickly outgrows his clothes and he could grow to be anything from 6ft 5ins to 7ft 5ins tall,” she said.(ANI)

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