Meet Mallika and her snake

Mallika Sherawat said she’d ‘make hissstory’ (we promise it’s the last time we’re using that pun) at the Cannes Film Festival, and she did. The always provocative actress turned up with snakes, a python included, at the photocall of her movie ‘Hisss’ (where she plays a snakewoman). And did she have the photogs in a tizzy! She posed with the snakes, had the snakes wrapped around her, and even kissed the snakes! She then went on for a private photoshoot with a snake she described on her Twitter page as "my date, Rudy, the Sssnake". We kid you not!

We think most people around her at Cannes today were afraid that the snakes might turn violent. But not Mallika. She was smiling throughout the photocall (hmmm, were the snakes drugged?). Or is Mallika truly fearless? Well, one thing we know, she knows how to get publicity. The question is, will it help ‘Hisss’ do well at the box-office? We’ll have to wait until August 15 to find out. That’s when the movie releases, Mallika announced today at Cannes.

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