Meera Jasmine Married Mandolin Srinivas’s Brother

The one name that anyone in the field of music can associate to when they hear ‘Mandolin’ is that of Srinivas and given his prowess with the instrument, he is now known as Mandolin Srinivas. Now his brother Rajesh is making news and this is not about music but marriage that is the subject.

Apparently, from a long time the buzz was on that the talented Malayalam beauty Meera Jasmine and Rajesh have been seeing each other and marriage was just around the corner but sources close to both had denied the news. However, here is the latest we have on them.

As per reliable sources, it is said that both Meera and Rajesh have gone through a secret marriage and are currently living together in Chennai but given the fact that it might affect the chances of Meera’s film offers, the news is said to be kept under tight wraps. The truth will be out soon.

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