Meenakshi Dileep’s Facebook account fake!

It seems the recent ‘fake marriage news’ scandal has really put actor Dileep on the defensive against cyber attacks from pranksters and other malicious agents, as he has come forward to clarify that his daughter Meenakshi does not have a Facebook account and the one currently gaining popularity under her name is not hers but a fake one!


The page under Meenakshi’s name right now claims itself to be her official page and declares that she herself started it to share her thoughts and views with the world.


Dileep went on his official FB page and warned everyone with the following post today:

Dear friends,
the Facebook pages which are being shared as my daughter Meenakshi’s official are fakes. She doesn’t have any Facebook page and we never authorized anyone to manage any. Similarly this FB page is the only Social Media platform I use to communicate with my online friends.


The indignant actor’s outrage against the so called cyber pranks started a few days ago when the false news of his impending marriage with actress Kavya Madhavan spread across the social media sites, initially originating from his Twitter handle – only he doesn’t have one!

Apparently, the fake account was created in his name by unknown parties and used as a convenient tool to malign his reputation, forcing Dileep to file an official complaint with the police cyber cell against those responsible.

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