Medulla Oblonkatta banned!

The movie Medulla Oblonkatta, directed by Suresh Nair, had a slow opening weekend but the word was spreading and the movie had started doing good business but now the tides have changed with the good fortunes coming to an abrupt end – the movie has been banned from screening in the state!


Yes, the Ernakulam Munsiff Court on Saturday released the order banning further screening of the movie and it was carried out immediately. The problem, it seems, is that one Mr. Amar Prem of Kochi who has lodged a complaint regarding the omission of his name from the credits of the movie.

Mr. Prem has been listed in the credits as a liaison officer but he claims he had a valid agreement with the director, which he has now violated, wherein it states that he is in fact one of the producers of the movie and will be credited as such.

Suresh Nair however, says that this is not true and that Mr. Prem is not one the producers of the flick as he never really helped with the movie as he was busy with other projects. The newcomer director has said that he will have talks with the plaintiff regarding this issue, along with the company producing the film – Vendhar Movies.

This is Vendhar Movies’ first foray in to Mollywood as it is an established Tamil film production company.

The movie, which has an intriguing name and stars Rahul Madhav and Avaana in the lead, is about four friends and what happens when one of them meets with an unfortunate incident which gives him short term memory loss and how the rest of the bunch deal with the ensuing problems. The narrative is a comedy filled and light hearted entertainer which had successfully found its audience before this debacle.

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