MCA (Middle Class Abbayi) Movie Review

Rating: 2.5/5

Critic Rating: (2.5/5)

Movie Name MCA
Movie Rating 2.5/5
Movie Cast Nani, Sai Pallavi, Bhumika, Amani, Rajeev Kanakala
Director Venu Sree Raam
Music Director Devi Sri Prasad
Production Company Dil Raju
Release Date December 21, 2017

There are a very few actors who are delivering successful films without disappointing fans and also the stakeholders involved. Success these days is very hard to be and one has to be very smart to make a successful move. Just a small decision can lead to an utter failure movie. Everything has to be done carefully to be successful. Nani, who has become a star with his success rate and the films he is making is again back into theatres this year with MCA – Middle Class Abbayi, which is directed by Sriram Venu of Oh My Friend fame and which is bankrolled by successful producer Dil Raju under his Sri Venkateswara Creations. It co-stars Premam and Fidaa fame Sai Pallavi. This movie has got enough hype and has a very positive vibes surrounding it. Let’s see how it works on audience as it is releasing today in theatres.


Nani and Bhumika in MCA
Nani and Bhumika in MCA

Nani (Nani) is a jobless middle class guy who lives with his brother (Rajeev Kanakala) and his wife (Bhoomika). He always hate his brother’s wife as he believe she is coming in between him and his brother. He falls in love with Pallavi (Sai Pallavi) who also happens to be the cousin sister of his brother’s wife. As days are passing his brother’s wife gets stuck in a life changing problem in her line of work and somehow Nani gets involved to save her. How he saved her? What’s the problem?

Cast and performance

Nani as Nani is good. He tried to act different in the first half but became monotonous in the second half. He should start signing movies of different genres and concepts to get his charm in right place. Sai Pallavi is good and she looked good. The new guy who acted as antagonist is superb and he is definitely a superb finding of the team. Bhoomika as RTA officer Jyothi is nice. She is well fit for her role. Priyadarshi, Krishna Teja and other friends of hero are nice. Vennela Kishore is nice and humorous in a limited role. Posani Krishna Murali, Rajeev Kanakala and Naresh are good. All other actors did fine job in their roles.

Writing department

Nani and Sai Pallavi in MCA
Nani and Sai Pallavi in MCA

Story of this Middle Class Abbayi – MCA is routine. Screenplay is written in a template format and dialogues are good.

Technical Departments

Rockstar Devi Sri Prasad has composed songs for this movie which are entertaining despite his regular tunes. Lyrics has been penned well complementing his tunes. He could have done a better job in scoring background score for the image he has but he just did a fine job in that aspect. He is becoming monotonous now a days with his type of work. Cinematography by Sameer Reddy is nice and this movie has many eye appealing visuals. Editing could have been better in second half. Art department did a fine job. Production values are fine.


Nani as Nani
Comedy sequences


Second half
Routine story and screenplay


MCA – Middle Class Abbayi is a story of two guy who goes to any extent to make their intentions come true. One is a good guy who hails from a middle class family who has a lot at stake and one is a guy from rich family who has nothing at stake. Director of the movie, Sriram Venu failed in getting the script right and he followed the same old routine template for this movie. He could have chosen a better script for the movie as audience are rejecting these routine subjects. Nani and Sai Pallavi are only the saving grace of the movie and it’s time for Nani to get a makeover in his style and character. To sum up, MCA is a movie in a routine way.

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