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Rating: 2.5/5

Critic Rating: (2.5/5)

There is a scarcity of sex comedies in India and whenever they make one, it never near really hit the bull’s eye. The only movie that came little close for its time was Kya Kool Hai Hum and it was a decade back. The clientele of these movies is very small and in India if such a movie is good, the word of mouth won’t be that strong for obvious reasons.

A Still from Mastizaade
A Still from Mastizaade

A good sex comedy shall have enough boldness and a proportionate amounts of humour. Both shall go hand in hand. When the former dominates and the latter doesn’t sparkle much the movie is a failure. Mastizaade being a mainstream film has tonnes of oomph and luckily decent amount of humour if not in correct amounts. Though Mastizaade misses the bulls eye it is better than the over hyped sex comedies like Masti and Grand Masti in leaps and bounds.

The credit for this shall be given to the story writer and director Milap Zaveri who instead of copying the SMS jokes like he regularly does came up with slightly different humour this time. He knew how to exploit the oomph of Sunny Leone given her expertise in exhibiting her sizzling body. To make the impact more he casted her in a double role. Vir Das is also a right choice as he has a good command over comic timing. Tushar however is unpardonable with such an artificial comic timing and expressions that lack talent.

Sunny Leone in Mastizaade
Sunny Leone in Mastizaade

The movie has a ‘bakwaas’ story that was probably written during a 10 minutes cab ride. Sunny (Tushar Kapoor) and Aditya (Vir Das) are ad- film makers who are major sex-addicts. Their pervert ads get them fired from their company. Meanwhile they meet Laila Lele (Sunny Leoene) and Lily Lele (Sunny Leoene) who run a deaddiction centre for sex-addicts. Sunny loves Laila but comes to know that Laila is actually a bigger sex addict than him. This starts a repulsion for Sunny. Aditya falls in love with Lily. Lily however wants to get married to Prem (Shaad Randhawa). The rest of the film is about how Laila wins Sunny and how Aditya wins Lily.

The movie relies majorly on Mrs. Leone’s skin show (read cleavage show) and wordplay. This is probably Sunny’s boldest in Bollywood. The wordplay works for most of the time with some naughty lines like ‘My papa wanted Fauj but momma wanted Mauj’. The movie doesn’t really have three acts but jus flows crisply without really much of dull moments. The paintball episode was very boring though and Suresh Menon could have been given much funnier lines that he deserves.

There is a special appearance of Ritiesh Deshmukh and you wish he was part of this instead of Tushar Kapoor. The special appearances of Asrani and Vivek Vaswani are lackluster. Shaad Randhawa was hardly funny mimicking the actors. Absolutely wrong choice for the role. Gizele Thakral makes her presence felt.

Mastizaade doesn’t disappoint but it isn’t great either. But, definitely the best of the worst we have seen.

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