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Suriya in Masss
Suriya Different Look in Masss

Tamil Superstar Suriya is back with a bang after a series of flops with his movie “Masss”, also called “Massu Engira Masilamani”. A movie which is brims with a combination of humor, horror, romance and action is one that the South Indian film has never seen before. And, “Masss” is one movie to look out for this weekend at the Box Office.

The movie’s first half is packed with music tracks where stylish Suriya romances Nayanthara. The movie has the actors delivering one-liners with dry humor in the right context is very energetic and engaging. The film is wrapped up in twists and turns with a touch of horror elements and sentiments that leaves the audience wanting to watch it again and again. However, the second half goes a little haywire but manages to come floating at the top because of Suriya’s performance and the plot twist at the end.

The story revolves around a conman and the ghosts that he interacts with after an almost fatal accident. The ghosts seem to haunt him till the conman (Suriya) does what they want. Since no horror movie is complete without a flashback, Masss also has a flashback with quite the twist. One thing that will be a surprise is the double role that Suriya plays as “Mass” and the conman.

Surya and Nayanatara in Masss
Surya and Nayanathara in Masss

What the movie lacks is the extent of significance of the female characters. Director Venkat Prabhu who managed to place short but sufficient emphasis on all the characters in the film including the cameo appearances of Jai and Prathiban, fails to bring forward Nayantara’s essence. However, the two female leads, add to the glamour quotient of the film well and good.

The drawbacks of the film lie in the Yuvan’s music but he also covers up by the background music he provides which keeps the movie in pace and the audience captivated. The movie is strong in its brilliant visuals and finesse from RD Rajasekhar and the editing is clear-cut and concise which will have you hooked throughout.

A movie which is a combination of fear and fights, love and laughs is what Director VenkatPrabhu has delivered to us. The whole movie brings Suriya’s potential and he steals the entire show and comes out on the top to prove his worth.

“A lively and pacey movie that will tickle your bones and chill your spine”. 

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