Mass Tonsuring by Rajni’s Fans

On Tuesday (August 2, 2011), 1008 men have tonsured their heads as an offering to Lord Murugan at Palani temple in Tamil Nadu for Superstar Rajinikanth’s health recovery. Rajini was very much pleased by this act of his fans and he has decided to visit the temple to thank his fans for the immense love they are offering to him.

Rajini is recovering and is doing well now, according to the information by close sources. When Rajini heard this news about his fans shaving their heads for the sake of their hero’s well being, he was overwhelmed and decided to visit them once he is perfectly alright to travel.

It is also heard that, Rajini’s fans associations’ members across Tamil Nadu have even underwent a 48 days fasting before going to temple and did mass head shaving ceremony at the temple.

In the past also the similar mass of women visited the same temple with milk cans as the offerings to Lord Murugan for Endhiran (Robot) movie success. The fans prayers were successful so far and hope similar success is even achieved by the current movie "Rana" by their superstar Rajnikanth.

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