Rating: 3.00/5

Critic Rating: (3.00/5)

What it’s all about?

Maska is a youthful and romantic entertainer that runs with a faction backdrop. The film has good action scenes, good dances, good songs, two beautiful heroines and reasonably good comedy.


The Plot:

The plot appears pretty simple but gets a bit complicated down the line. Jagarlamudi Krishnakanth (Ram) who is refereed to as Krish is a happy go lucky guy without a care in the world. His elder brother Naresh and his wife Jhansi take care of his boarding and lodging.


Krish along with is friend Sunil, who is also a good for nothing fellow want to lead a cozy life but don’t want to work hard. Krish fails to complete his graduation so a good job is ruled out.


Krish befriends a rich girl Manju (Sheela) who is getting ready to go to the US. Krish wants to make her fall in love with him so that he can marry her and go to the US along with her and live happily ever after.


Just when Krish has almost succeeded in executing his wicked plan, his life takes a twist. Meenakshi (Hansika Motwani) now enters his life. Krish is now squeezed between these two beautiful girls.


Krish falls in love with Meenakshi and runs after her. But to his horror, Krish learns that Manju is now in love with him and she wants to marry him. The problem for Krish is compounded when he learns that Manju is the only daughter of a dreaded faction leader and MP, Mukesh Rushi.


Mukesh will go to any length to make his daughter happy – he fixes the marriage of Krish with Manju.


Krish is now caught between the devil and the deep sea. On one side there is Manju and her father, and on the other side, there is his true love Meenakshi.


How Krish manages to wriggle out of this strange situation which is of his own making forms the basis for the remaining part of the story.


The actors:

The film is mostly about Ram and his stunts, dances and fights. He gives a good account of himself in all the departments. Ram is now slowly but surely a force to reckon with as a mass hero.


Hansika Motwani looks great and she once again comes up with a sizzling performance. Her cute looks add up to her charm.


Sheela is very hot and sexy. She sizzles in most of the scenes and apart from skin show; she also gives a good performance. Sunil’s comedy is neat and enjoyable.


The other star cast comprising of Naresh, Jhansi, Mukesh Rushi, Pradeep Rawat, Telangana Shakunthala, Brahmanandam and others do justice to their roles.


Chakry comes up with some delightful scores and the songs have been picturized well.


Best scene:

In fact, there are not one but two good scenes in the film. Both the scenes involve all the three lead actors, Ram, Hansika and Sheela.

The first scene is in a local train is when Sheela is about to tell Ram that she loves him. Suddenly out of nowhere Hansika comes and sits besides Ram and he is caught between the two heroines.

The other scene is in the pub when Hansika and Sheela come to know about Ram’s double game. Poor Ram is unaware that his game is up and that the girls have come to know all about him.


The bottom line:

Maska is a youthful romantic and action filled film. The two heroines and the love triangle add up to the suspense element in the film.

The film is lively and entertaining in the first half. The second half is a bit too lengthy and the faction fights with Sumos blowing up in the air and brutal killings however affect the overall impact of the film.

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