Masala Review

Rating: 3/5

Critic Rating: (3/5)

Remakes are tricky. They could shoot for the stars and it it does not end well, they might end up with a handful of dirt. Bol Bachchan was a runaway success thanks to Rohit Shetty’s brand of comedy. Multi-starrers are not a regular feature in Tollywood either. The director is trying to break a few stereotypes with this movie and one can say he made a safe bet banking on a story like Bol Bachchan.

The plot remains true to its original Rohit Shetty core. Rahman (Ram) gets into trouble by saving a kid from a temple that is closed permanently. From there on, a chain of events follow wherein Ram tries to hide his true identity from his boss and the leader of the village Balaram (Venkatesh) who is a ruthless yet kind man who despises liars.

Venkatesh and Ram do well as a pair. It must be said that Venkatesh has taken the right step to further his career. The multi-starrer flicks suit him to the dot. Ajay Devgn did very fine job in the original but Venkatesh adds his own touch to this role and owns it completely. Ram is natural in both the roles and does his job well. The comedy is light hearted; despite it being loud, there are plenty of laugh-out-loud moments in this flick.

On the whole the script stays very true to the original track but the adaptation is near perfect. The director K Vijaya Bhaskar does very well to adapt the roles of the cast to suit the strengths of the actor and end product is a decent comic entertainer.

Cast members like Ali, Posani, Jay Prakash Reddy and MS Narayana have full-fledged roles and they have ample screen time to entertain you. Not to forget, Venkatesh kills English for your pleasure (and to take revenge on the British)! The second half should have been a tad shorter though. Anjali and Shazahn Padamsee have very little scope to perform.

On the whole, watch Masala for all the whole-hearted comedy. Bol Bachchan might have bored a section of the audience but Masala works for Telugu audience. We are used to seeing comedy in bits and pieces in every film but this film, filled with laughs is not a bad choice this weekend. I am going with 3/5 for Masala. Laughter is good for health.

By K Sriram Madhav

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