Maryada Ramanna Review

It is..
Rajamouli’s so called experiment.

Ramu’s life moves away from the bloodshed of Rayalaseema when he’s still young upon his mother’s request. After many poverty ridden years Ramu goes back to his native to claim a piece of land and this is when his life takes an unexpected turn and lands him in the house of his father’s long time rival. And like the trailers have given out, Ramu is safe only as long as he’s within the house. Reddy strongly believes in treating a guest with utmost respect, but, only as long as he is within the house.

The Actors.
Sunil need not be given any new praise, coz he’s an actor who had always shown a lot of promise and this new role he donned had been pulled off without the slightest stutter.

All the three antagonists (Reddy and his sons) have put forward fine performances and are sure to be seen again in many more films to come.

The real surprise in the acting section however happens to be Saloni with a radiant screen presence, which I didn’t quite expect. A major leap compared to her previous performances.

What’s good?
Rajamouli trying to make something innovative (just trying).
A new bunch of actors who were really into their roles.
The chase sequences which had a real sense of speed (literally) to them.
Sunil’s subtle transformation to the main lead.

What’s not good?
Even though the film is advertised to be very experimental, it ends up being a standard SSR film, just without any stars.
The screenplay and dialogue were not refined enough to make any real impact. Neither entertainig nor quick enough to really hold one’s attention.

Keep your expectations low and you just might enjoy the film. An average film at best.


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