Mary Kom Movie Review

Rating: 4/5

Critic Rating: (4/5)

Mary Kom Review: The story of staunch, unflinching Indian Pride!

Here is the Full Movie Review of Priyanka Chopra’s Mary Kom .She is National Pride and has made us proud time and again. M.C Mary Kom, or Magnificent Mary as she is fondly called, is an indomitable, unflinching soul that has kindled passion and love for boxing in many young hearts. The five-time World Champion is the only women boxer who has won a medal in each of the six world championship. Her story is worth to tell!

When Sanjay Leela Bhansali casted Priyanka Chopra and not any Manipuri actress to play the role of Mary Kom, there were many fingers raised, but it was PeeCee’s hard work and dauntless attitude that kept her going. She may not resemble Mary Kom in looks or physical attributes or even accent, but the spirit and zeal this Barfi girl has showcased wins hearts and shuts them all up.

Mary is ‘ziddi’, chooses boxing over her family, has made boxing her life but still has a very strong maternal side. She is headstrong and an ultimate fighter, who fights until her last breath. She is capable of bringing smiles and tears at the same time, upon billions of faces, and with that she touches hearts. Not only has she won battles in the square ring, but her battle with life and hardships are worth the mention and applause too.

Star Performances:

Priyanka Chopra shines too bright. All her drudgery pays off too well. She steps into the persona of Mary Kom and pulls off the role too well. Lookwise, no resemblance, but the sentiment was full on M.C Mary Kom style. The journey of Mangte Chungneijang to Mary Kom onscreen is just awe-inspiring, and Piggy Chops did justice in all possible ways, barring the looks. She has added another feather to her overflowing hat, and she will be remembered for being onscreen Mary Kom for quite some time.

Sunil Thapa in the role of M.Narjit Singh, Mary’s coach doesn’t fail to impress. He has that charm to him which brings the air of authenticity. In the role of Mary’s super-supportive and adorable husband, Darshan Kumar as Onlar Kom, has done quite an interesting job.


Gladly there was no scene in the movie which you make you feel for a bit, that it is too stretched or lags at any point. The story is summed up well, in a well knit plot and we are left wishing to peek more into Mary’s life. Omung Kumar has proved his finesse while he helmed the film.

The story sums up well and Saiwyn Quadras, has done a fair job. But there are few things twisted to be adapted on screen, especially the way Mary met Onlar. That is not the way we know Mary met her husband. But this is cinema. Adapted truth! Having said that, the way a few scenes have shaped up look pretty well on screen, and we don’t mind touch of Bollywood here and there.

The music score by Shashi- Shivamm adds more to the drama on screen and I personally loved the touch of Manipuri folk. The tracks add more zeal and that is the power of music.

The last bit where in China, Mary won her 4th World Championship Title, and all were requested to stand for the Indian National Anthem being played, it was quite a sight to see the audiences rise up at the mention of our National Anthem. Such is the pride, and if a film was able to make the audiences leave their seats and rise up, it shouldn’t be denied that Mary Kom did touch hearts.

Watch or Not:

She is not an Unsung Hero of India anymore, and Sanjay Leela Bhansali and Team manage to take M.C Mary Kom’s story to every household. Watch it for Mary. A very important aspect which people should bear in mind is that looks become secondary when spirit to be showcased is true. Priyanka doesn’t bear resemblance with Mary. Accepted! She may be taller than her, has more prominent North-Indian features and not look like any Manipuri girl. But in the arena of sentiments; these should not be primary parameters to hold opinions upon someone’s life story. Mary Kom as a film shines bright and pays tribute to stouthearted and valiant Indian Hero- M.C Mary Kom. That is what really should matter and matters!

Thumbs up: The very well knit plot, Priyanka Chopra, music

Thumbs down: Few twisted facts in Mary’s personal life

Yawns: None

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