Marriage rumors on Prabhu Deva!

Prabhu Deva, who is married, shocked entire film audience with the Nayantara episode. At a stage, Nayantara had a tattoo on her body, which represents the love between the two. Later on, they got separated and now the choreographer is stated to be in love with another lady choreographer.

Marriage Rumors on Prabhu Deva

This buzz came on to the media and it is being spread all over the film industry like wild fire. Till now, no one conformed this aspect and hence it is being trashed as a rumor. But, few spectators are saying that Prabhu Deva – Nayantara issue too came up in the similar way and later on took the high way path. Hence, they are saying that we cannot rule out this buzz as rumors.

If this turns true, Prabhu Deva may hit the headlines everyday for the next few days just like he enjoyed high priority from the media during his past love episode. Stay tuned to know whether this aspect is true or false.

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