Maro Charitra review

What is it about?
A remake of Balanchander’s ‘Maro Charithra’ with a few changes in the basic premise material.

Instead of a neighbor dispute between a Telugu and Tamil family like 1973 feature, the makers of this remake had set it up in the United States in which the Balu (Varun Sandesh) of this film is an NRI kid who knows very little Telugu. The two leads fall in love for no apparent reason and the rest of the tale is what most you already know. The parents disagree – the couple decides to prove their love by staying apart for an year – the acquaintances Balu and Swapna (played by new comer Anitha) have within this year and the end which is a little different from the original film.

What’s good?
NOTHING. Absolutely nothing about this film was even remotely bearable.

What’s not good?
From what you’ve read above you can easily deduce the answer to what’s not good. The screenplay to begin with. It was dull, slow, terribly clichéd and painfully brainless. The two and half hour movie seemed like more than half a day, a head aching half day. The camera work was talking to us constantly and it was saying only one thing : ‘I DON’T HAVE A CLUE OF WHAT I’M DOING”.

The ‘not too bad’ songs were ruined because of unfit placement and brainlessness radiating song visuals. The background score was so over done that it had contributed a lot to the film’s overall foolish look. And to further extend this passage we have the costume department, their idea of dressing up people is definitely not of this planet.

The Acting.
Varun Sandesh seemed like one of those new female leads of a C-grade film who keep acting with their hands and make us laugh with every single gesture of theirs. His style would have worked if the film was a parody.

The new girl (Anitha) will be talked about for the next few weeks by all the poor souls who have been subjected to this torture of a film. Such a disastrous performance never goes unnoticed.

In the midst of all this Shradha Das seemed like a Shabhana Azmi with an ‘okay’ presentation.

One needs guts and a lot of patience to sit through this film. The film should have been rated as ‘RHB’ instead of ‘U/A’.
RHB – Restricted for Human Beings.

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