Manyam Puli Review – Showcase of Mohanlal’s Heroism!

Rating: 2.5/5

Critic Rating: (2.5/5)

If a face is known among audience makers always try to cash their craze and identity by releasing movies of them. Mohanlal, who is known as Malayalam Superstar is a very well known face in Telugu with two back to back releases in the form of Manamantha and Janatha Garage. His latest Malayalam movie Pulimurugan, which went on to become highest grossing film of Malayalam industry crossing 100 crores is now releasing in Telugu as Manyam Puli. This movie is directed by Vysakh and has good level of expectations in audience due to Janatha Garage and also for its Malayalam version humongous success. Let’s see how it works on us as it is releasing into theatres today.


Manyam Puli Latest Still
manyam puli

Puli (Mohanlal) lives in a forest with his wife (Kamalini Mukherji) and his daughter. He is very well known for hunting Tigers which attacks people for its food and save people from death right from his childhood. He has a loving brother who studies in a nearby town. Once his brother’s friends come to him asking his hand in transportation of Marijuana from forest to wicked businessman (Jagapathi Babu) home in the town. He rejects it at first quoting it as a wrong deed. They convince him saying that it is being transported to prepare medicines and also offers his brother a job in that pharmaceutical company. As time goes on things take unexpected turns and makes him a rival of wicked businessman who comes to forest in search of Puli. Who is the wicked businessman? What happened between them in the past and what is going to happen in future form rest of the story.

Cast and Performance

Mohanlal is terrific in his role and make audience whistle in excitement at times. He is too good in stunts and action sequences considering his age. The tag “the complete actor” is justified with his performance. Kamalini Mukherji as Mohanlal’s wife is superb and made her role a relatable one. Jagapathi Babu is terrific as a villain against Mohanlal. He never disappoint audience with his performance. Lal as Mohanlal’s uncle is nice. Namitha who comes at times is good and oozes her glamour. All other actors has done good job for their roles.

Writing Department

A still from Manyam Puli
A still from Manyam Puli

Story of Manyam Puli is simple and good. Screenplay is mediocre and falls flat sometimes. Dialogues are good.

Technical Departments

Songs composed by Gopi Sunder are good. His work in composing background score is worth mentioning which has taken the movie to another level especially the track which comes in action sequences. Cinematography by Shaji Kumar is superb and sets the mood of the film right with the visuals. Editing by Johnkutty is okay but could have chopped some scenes in the second half to make the movie racy. Stunts and action composed by Peter Heins is superb. Production values are rich.


  • Mohanlal
  • Jagapati Babu
  • Action Sequences
  • Background Score


  • Screenplay


Manyam Puli begins with the childhood of Mohanlal. His father is killed by a tiger and he escapes the attack with his little brother and plans to take revenge on that tiger with the help of his uncle and this makes him a best hunter of Tigers which attacks people. It goes on for about 30-40 minutes and seems to be elongated. This first half is engaging and has some fun scenes between Mohanlal and Kamalini Mukherji. After interval movies seems disengaging and makes audience bored. Screenplay for this half could have written better. This movie projects more of Mohanlal’s heroism than any emotions. Peter Heins has done a fantabulous job in composing stunning action sequences which are treat to watch on screen. Director Vysakh has done average job in handling the screenplay and made it a tedious ride for Telugu audience. To summarise, Manyam Puli is showcase of Mohanlal’s heroism.

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