The many facets of Bhanupriya

Actress Bhanupriya turns an year older today – she has not lost any of her great qualities in the process – beauty, boldness and expression. Her eyes do all the talking, pouring expressions all the time. From Swarnakamalam to Chatrapati, Bhanupriya had come a long way, proving herself to be one of the finest actresses of Tollywood.

We take a look at Bhanupriya’s many facets in her films. The Indian actress who appeared in all the four South Indian language films, there is more to the woman than just talent.


Bhanupriya’s first film in Telugu, Sitaara was a runaway success. She played the estranged sister Sitaara, who rises to fame but has a dark past. Bhanupriya proved her mettle with the very first film.




Bhanupriya will be well remembered for her significant role in this crime thriller of the 80’s. The songs of Anveshana are still a big hit with Telugu music lovers. Bhanupriya and Karthik performed well in the lead roles, holding the audience to the edge of their seats.




Bhanupriya starred in many superhits with Megastar Chiranjeevi, and Vijetha stands as a landmark start to that kickass pairing. The lady appeared in a complete glam role, oozing sex appeal and stealing hearts.



Srinivasa Kalyanam

Lalitha of Sinivasa Kalyanam poured in the best of innocence on screen. This family love story starring Venkatesh, Gauthami and Bhanupriya in the leads was endearing to the film masses. Though Gauthami had more meat in her portrayal, Bhanupriya’s strong screen presence simply could not be ignored.




This film is Chiranjeevi’s 100th film, shot mostly in Goa. The action adventure had Bhanupriya playing a kickass role opposite Megastar. The story ahead of times, Trinetrudu was a gripping potboiler. Her amazing dance steps were show stealers along with Chiru.




Perhaps one of the best in her career, this K Vishwanath’s directorial on dance showed Bhanupriya at her top notch. Incredible dance moves, classical touch, strong role of an uninterested woman with loads of talent – Bhanupriya nailed it.



State Rowdy

An out an out mass role, Bhanupriya’s role as Asha was well applauded in the film. She was the second lead, Radha being the first, but as expected, Bhanupriya took away most of the attention.




Bhanupriya aged gracefully, to play matured roles. Peddarayudu comes first in that list. Playing a responsible mother and wife in the movie, she proved that grace comes eventually to a woman, despite all the roles she carries in real life.

Bhanu Priya in Peddarayudu




And finally, the iconic movie of S S Rajamouli. Bhanupriya played Prabhas’ mother in the film, capturing hearts. Some thought she looked like his real mom on screen. Chatrapathi stands special to her and Prabhas, and Prabhas expressed that she was as warm as his own mother in one of the TV interviews.

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