Rating: 1.50/5

Critic Rating: (1.50/5)

What it’s all about?


The film is set against the backdrop of violence – Godhra killings and the bomb blast at Gokul chat and Lumbini Park. The director wanted to show that life is much more than hatred and revenge. The theme of communal clashes is the basis for the film but the director loses his way and the film drifts to the romance between to pairs of lovers.


The plot:


Geetanjalai@Gilli (Charmy) is a practical girl. She believes in living a meaningful life and also living by the day without thinking about tomorrow. She stays in her friend’s house on Koti.


Right across her house is hotel Manorama. The hotel is the target of a terrorist plot. A killer, Nishaan comes to Hyderabad to place a bomb in the hotel and kill people. Gilli has the art of lip reading and this leads her to try and help two lovers, Vasu and Lakshmi.


For this, she takes the help of killer Nishaan. Gill learns that Nishaan is an orphan and that his family was killed in the Godhra incident. Nishaan comes close to Gilli.


Gilli and Nishaan fall in love in a period of a few hours. What happens next? Will Nishaan manage to set off the bomb in hotel Manorama. Does Gilli manage to help the young lovers? Will Nishaan and Gilli come together? Answers to these questions can be found on the silver screen.


The actors:


The film revolves for a major part around Charmy and she does a good job. Charmy has acted in the film without make up but still she is as charming as ever. She also dances in a towel for a song.


Nishaan is a newcomer. He is tall and reasonably built. He does an okay job but needs to improve a lot. Ali, MS Narayana, Dhanush, Lahari and others are adequate in their roles.


Koti’s music is okay. He also renders his voice for a song in the film. Some of the dialogues are good and make you think.


Ali and MS Narayana manage to raise a few laughs with their antics.


The bottom line:


Manorama is another bold attempt by director Eshwar Reddy. He had earlier come up with a meaningful ‘Mee Sreyobhilashi’. He tries to do a similar job with Manorama. He begins well but falters in the second half and this affects the pace and the overall impact of the film.


The film lacks both mass and class elements and its fate at the box office is not that bright.

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