Manoj Bajpai Admitted In Hospital

​Bollywood actor Manoj Bajpai is one of the famous actors in the Indian film industry and he also acted in a couple of interesting Telugu films. The actor is presently in London for the shooting of his recent film and during the shoot, he suffered head ache and the unit immediately shifted him to the local hospital.

Manoj Bajpai In Hospital
Manoj Bajpai In Hospital

“I am presently shooting for the film Ayaari in London. I have been suffering from head ache from a long time and it is not coming under control. I went to the hospital on Wednesday for the same reason. The doctors performed several tests and declared that everything is good. I am fine now and joined back the work. Thank you.” said the actor about his medical condition now.

Let us wish for the speedy recovery of Manoj Bajpai.​

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