Manju Warrier wants to stay single forever?

Yes, that’s what it sounds like anyways! Manju Warrier was recently invited to be in an FM radio show and that’s when the actress revealed her plans for personal life in a somewhat metaphoric way.


The Rj had asked Manju who her chosen companion would be if she were to go on a long trip now and the actress immediately, without hesitation or pause, replied that she would much rather travel alone to any destination now and for the rest of her life!

Don’t be mistaken though – the entire conversation was rather bright and the actress appeared neither upset or crestfallen about recent events.

And who can blame her for wanting to stay single, if indeed that’s what she meant, given all the controversy surrounding the ending of her first marriage that’s currently in the media spotlight.

Her ex husband, from who she had been separated now for over a year, actor Dileep – the popular hero – filed for divorce last week and sources have revealed that in the confidential petition filed to the family court, the actor claims that he has been suffering mental and emotional abuse from Manju which necessitates an immediate dissolution of their marriage.

Whatever be the truth to this allegation, this move by the actor has surprised many and what’s more he also petitioned the court to make the hearing of the case confidential – meaning he wants the media banned from it! One wonders why though… as hurting Manju’s reputation or her image among the fans is clearly not a problem for the actor.

However the events may play out in the days to come, one thing is for sure – the fans and the public in general, are 100 % behind Manju on this one so far and would stand by her.

Her come back movie How Old Are You, directed by Rosshan Andrrews, has been declared a major hit and the actress’s career seems to be travelling on a steep upward curve with offers pouring in from multiple industries in the south.

Dileep too is doing well professionally and his reputation as someone who delivers hits consistently remains untarnished as his last flick Ringmaster has also been a success. The couple’s daughter Meenakshi has chosen to stay with Dileep, while Manju has been staying at her parents’ home in Thrissur.

Will the divorce at some stage become even more ugly with dirty laundry being aired in public and will Manju contest Meenakshi’s custody and was Dileep’s pre emptive strike, so to speak, a calculated move to prevent that? Only time will tell…

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