Manju Warrier : From Simple to Sizzling!

After a long hiatus of 14 years, she came back and took in one fell sweep, all that was rightfully hers – yes, we are talking about Manju Warrier. The darling of Malayalam cinema came like a breath of fresh air in the late nineties, when she was just a teenager and quickly ascended to the rank of princess of hearts.

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Then came a whirlwind romance that thrilled and surprised many, and the actress barely in her twenties bid adieu to the movie world for a family life.. with her husband, the Popular Hero, Dileep.

Years and years went by and we saw little of her, except for in the thriving rumours of problems in her marital life occupying the colourful pages of gossip magazines. In any case, the couple separated in 2013 and soon we began seeing Manju again in the spotlight, making ads with Amitabh Bachchan, pursuing her passions again.. but something was different. Gone was the young girl next door and here was a stunning, strong woman who had finally come to her own.

Recently the very public divorce with Dileep and prior to that, her smash hit comeback movie How Old Are You brought the princess .. well, now a ‘queen of Mollywood’ back to the centre of the media mainstream again.

So aside from all the drama, did we really notice the blossoming of this new sensational, independent, sizzling Manju?

Well, let’s take a passing glance shall we.

The comely girl that stole our hearts..

manju old 1

With movies like Sallaapam, Ee Puzhayum Kadannu, Aaram Thamburan, Kanmadam and many more, she took her place among the greats in the industry in a span of less than five years – most of it during her teen years. The simple, village girl with a sharp wit and formidable acting skills, that’s how we remember this multi talented artist.

The demure family woman that left the spotlight..
manju mid 1

For years, we heard nothing noteworthy about the very talented diva who had left the playing field at the top of her game. However, we did learn she had become a mother to a baby girl named Meenakshi and that she was a content family woman. The spirited young star had grown in to a new role it seemed.

The dazzling makeover and finding the way back..

manju makeover
A year or so ago, the actress separated from her husband and soon started her journey back in to inevitable stardom. Sometimes, it is like riding a bike, some people can never lose their X factor. Manju was a born artist and a star. But the makeover took time and perseverance on her part but it paid off to an amazing degree. The diva was reborn in a modern, hip and glamorous avatar. Now in her early thirties, she was a beautiful woman in amazing shape and turn a few heads she did!

The return of the Queen..

Manju 2
Manju Warrier made her return to the big screens with Rosshan Andrrews’ How Old Are You, which spoke quite fittingly, of a woman in her mid thirties fighting against society’s prejudices and preconceptions regarding older women. The movie was a smash hit and Manju has now been overwhelmed by the sheer number of offers she has been getting. A movie along with Universal Star Mohanlal has been confirmed though, to be directed by Sathyan Anthikkad – something Mollywood fans have been waiting for since Manju’s retirement all those years ago.

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But just look at the gorgeous actress.. some people must age like fine wine!

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