Manju Warrier gives away Rs 80 crs to Dileep!!

Whoa!! That’s the first response that comes to anyone’s mind when they hear this and rightfully, that should be so! This is by far the latest shocking development in the saga that is the Manju Warrier – Dileep divorce proceedings, which has captivated the people of Kerala for some time now.


Yes folks – in an unprecedented act in such matters, at least in recent memory, Manju Warrier has decided to give away, without a fight, the property in her name earned during the period of her 14 year marriage, to her ex husband actor Dileep!

And this property, which legally and justifiably belongs to both of them, is worth a total of nearly Rs 80 crores!!

Manju has already instructed her lawyers to go ahead with the decision, sources say.

Talk about taking the high road, if indeed that’s what the beloved actress is doing here.

Dileep had initially resolved to an all out attack, in divorce terms, when he filed a petition in court saying the reason he wants an immediate divorce from Manju is because she has been and still continues to emotionally abuse him.

And now Manju’s response to that is one for the books! Surely, this makes Dileep look.. ahem, not so good, to put it mildly.

Manju’s enormous popularity among the people, especially with her blockbuster hit of a comeback film How Old Are You becoming a shining beacon of hope and promise to women everywhere, had already made sure that Dileep’s public image takes many hits in all of this. The very talented and dignified Manju had personally chosen to maintain silence.

But this move by the Mollywood sweetheart sure takes the cake, and is sure to keep the people talking for ages to come. She has certainly walked the talk when it comes to women, no matter what age or status in life, being self sufficient and respectful of themselves and others.

Way to go Manju!

The court will now hear Dileep’s arguments on the case in a confidential hearing to be held on the 23rd of this month. Both parties will be present but no media.

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