Manjima Mohan’s Cool Answer On Heroine Dresses

The social media nowadays has become a platform to either start a rumor or to stop a rumor. Sometimes this media helps celebrities to get closer to their fans, but sometimes, celebrities face the wrath of some odd uneducated fans.

Manjima Mohan
Manjima Mohan

One such incident happened recently in South India. In Tamil Film Industry, there is an ongoing discussion on the dresses of heroines in the movies. Well, known actress Manjima Mohan from Saahasam Swasaga Saagipo has been interacting with her fans on her social networking sites. One of her fans has declared that the audiences will come to theaters only to see heroines in short dresses but not for good movie. Manjima even though got irked by the fan’s comment replied in a cool way. She said that audiences do come to theaters to watch a good cinema but not to watch heroines while they expose. Manjima added that whoever thinks in vice-versa should change their minds as that is not correct thinking.

Now her comments have added extra miles to the already ongoing debate on heroines and their dresses in Tamil movies in recent times.

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