Manjima Mohan Tasted the Naga Chaitanya’s Kiss

Malayalam actress Manjima Mohan tasted the Naga Chaitanya’s hot kiss for the film Saahasam Swasaga Saagipo.

Akkineni Naga Chaitanya’s upcoming “Saahasam Swasaga Saagipo” is being directed by romantic director Gautham Vasu Dev Menon.

Naga Chaitanya and Manjima in Saahasam Swaasaga Saagipo
Naga Chaitanya and Manjima in Saahasam Swaasaga Saagipo

These two have earlier worked for 2010 blockbuster “Ye Maya Chesave”. In this Naga Chaitanya was seen kissing Samantha (Jessi). They were a huge number of lip lock scenes between these two in this film. From then on Naga Chaitanya firmly believed that locking his lips with the heroines will make the film a super hit. Chaitanya and Samantha were once again seen in “Manam” locking their lips. This film too became a huge hit and made his sentiment more strong.

On the other hand, Gautham Menon is a popular director who handles romantic scenes very carefully and creates magic on the screen with those scenes. Many of his films have romantic scenes as well as lop lock scenes. Now these two working together once again has gained attention for the lip lock scenes. Post “Ye Maya Chesave,” both Naga Chaitanya and Gautham Menon gained a romantic hero and romantic director image.

Now, with these working for “Saahasam Swasaga Saagipo,” rumours started airing that Naga Chaitanya will be having a good number of lip-lock scenes with heroine Manjima Mohan.

Shall wait and see whether how many times did Chaitu kissed Manjima in this film.

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