Manisha’s marriage in trouble again?

Manisha Koirala’s marriage to Samrat Dahal is just about six months old but has had more than its share of upheavals. And it does seem like the issues facing the star and her hubby are not going to go away in a hurry.

Apparently it’s been about two months since Manisha saw her husband, during which time she has been busy on the festival circuit promoting her movie ‘Electra’ and also thinking about making her mark as a filmmaker. Manisha is said to be unsatisfied just looking after a home and wants to get back to acting as well as become more involved with directing movies. This means she has been spending little time in Nepal, and instead has been travelling quite a bit. It’s been speculated that Samrat is not happy with this and wants Manisha to spend a lot more time at home in Nepal.

We hear that their families are persuading Manisha and Samrat to try and sort out their problems, but things still remain dicey. Here’s hoping for the best for the couple.

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