Manisha Koirala opens up about Cancer

Actress Manisha Koirala is one of the many brave cancer survivors who fought with the disease and made it. The Bollywood Diva of the 90’s was diagnosed with ovarian cancer in 2012, a type that is usually difficult to detect till its later stages. Manisha took the blow very calmly and underwent a long chemotherapy in New York and fought it out with the deadly disease.


Koirala is now back in action, trying to play the roles that interest her. She has also taken to a lot of spirituality and meditation after the post traumatic recovery; both with the cancer and her painful divorce. She opened up to the media about the prevailing fears about a possible relapse.

“I did not take care of my health earlier…I was not looking after myself. Cancer made me realise health is important, eating right is important, exercise is required. There is a fear that it can come back anytime. But one must be positive” she said, while speaking to PTI at the launch of Prevention Magazine. Manisha features on the cover page of the first edition.

The actress who was diagnosed with the disease at an age of 43 shared her views on the social stigma in vogue on the patients who suffer and survive. “Cancer is a huge challenge, a huge test some of us survive and some don’t due to various reasons. There is lot of stigma attached to it, you lose all hope, your family is also living in negative environment, you feel there is a dead end. But I was fortunate to have people around me who helped me and were there with me emotionally” she shared.

Manisha also gave words of power to all those who are either suffering from cancer or fearing its relapse – “Cancer is not the death sentence, there is hope. Science has changed by leaps and bounds. Today we are able to deal with the treatment. I want to raise hope for people who don’t have hope, who don’t have access, resources. I will do something through certain platform. In certain ways, I want to repay back to the needy” she signs off.

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