Manglish is definitely worth a watch!

Mammootty’s Manglish released yesterday to packed houses everywhere and the reviews range all the way from stellar to just okay – but all in all, the fans are giving it a green light!


Obviously now, we cannot know which reviews are the ones to believe when it comes to a flick starring someone like the Megastar. His hardcore fans hail this as his comeback success after a string of disappointments and have been very vocal about it. In fact, many are predicting the Salaam Baappu film will be the biggest grosser of the season!

Others feel the movie is not all that it’s being jazzed up to be but is worth a watch, while some others deem the whole flick as just okay.

Where do we stand and who do you listen to? Well, after going through many reviews of the flick and varying views, we present you this balanced opinion – Manglish is an okay family entertainer and worth a watch!

The plot revolves around the fish merchant Malik Bhai (Mammootty), his family and his cronies and the catalyst to the plot that lands in his life – the foreigner Michelle.

The first part of the flick is apparently the introduction of Michelle and how everyone feels she is hiding the reasons for her presence in Kochi, leading to them wanting her to leave. The comedy and masala in this half revolves around the communication issues between Malik and Michelle among other things.

The second half shows how Michelle gets close to Malik’s family and becomes a part of his life and how he starts to like her. Of course, then follows revelations, explanations and a final resolution.

Many viewers said they were pleasantly surprised by the flick and it kept them engaged for the duration of it. None of the usual gimmicks they expected from the premise of a foreigner and a salt of the earth hero combination being the central aspect of the story, showed up in the film apparently.

Though everyone did their parts brilliantly, including Caroline Bech who plays Michelle, the film has been hailed as a one man show by Mammootty who carries the whole thing through to the finish.

Gopi Sunder’s music has been greatly praised for its feel good effects and for the catchy songs.

So it looks, on the whole, like Manglish is a success and is here to stay – good news for Mammootty fans and for Malayalam movie fans in general.

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