Mangala movie review

Rating: 1.50/5

Critic Rating: (1.50/5)

It is
A loosely scripted, prolonged film that tries to repeat the ‘Mantra’ feat.

Charmy’s character had been moved from the aspiring pop star in Mantra to a film star. She’s been orphaned by a car accident in which her driver’s son (Subbu) had also been subjected to the same fate. Subbu’s an aspiring actor who dreams of a mass hero image and again is only a slight modification to the Sivaji character from Mantra (including the overdone costumes). Subbu and Mangala live in the same house and share an affable relation.

A crazy fan of Mangala (Chinna) tries to gift her a car and in a misunderstanding about groping gets beaten up by Subbu. Chinna takes the insult a little too seriously and kills himself. The father of Chinna (Pradeep Rawat) is a master black magician and tries to avenge his son’s demise by torturing Mangala to her death. Who saved Mangala and what happens in the process?

What’s slightly entertaining?
The film Managala’s working on in the film is where the director tried to lighten the mood, but was hardly successful. However, that film with its Tamil director, angry assistant director and the worried producer (Uttej) are the only real bearable episodes.

What bores you?
All the scenes with impending danger threats have been pulled to the limit and not only fail to scare you but also make you look for other interesting things in the theater.

The unnecessary length is the clear destroyer of the film and also the obvious attempts to make another Mantra and getting lost in the process.

The over burnt look of the film was a very cheap gimmick to create a unique visual pattern and messes with the eyes, badly.

When a script has an unfinished and desperate look to it, the first ones to suffer are the actors. Charmy tries to scream and widen her eyes at every given chance but couldn’t make an impact which wasn’t there on the paper in the first place.

Being a film that revolves around fewer characters, the rest of the cast did get enough screen time but hardly any scenes that can prove their worth.

Not gripping nor entertaining nor eye pleasing. An extreme bore.

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