Manda Krishna Madiga Shocking Comments on Kathi Mahesh’s Ban

Mahesh Kathi is externed from the city of Hyderabad for six months. The historic decision taken by Telangana DGP opened to a positive reaction as well as a criticism. MRPS Leader Manda Krishna Madiga is the latest person to criticise the decision taken by the Telangana police department.

Mandakrishna Madiga Comments on Kathi Mahesh
Mandakrishna Madiga Comments on Kathi Mahesh

Talking about the decision taken by DGP, Manda Krishna said, “Hurting people in the name of Freedom of Speech is objectionable but the officials are reacting only when Dalits are doing it. The officials are not concerned about the same when it is done by some upper classes in the society. This decision by Telangana police officials is certainly non-constitutional.”

On the other side, Telangana police officials also took a decision to put a ban on Swami Paripoornanda for some objectionable comments he made last year.

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