Manchu Vishnu’s Babies Names!

Actor Mohan Babu’s son Manchu Vishnu becomes a proud father for twins. Manchu Vishnu and his wife Veronica have revealed thier twin daughters names as Ariaana and Viviana on the occasion of Christmas.

Manchu Vishnu said that "Vini (Veronica), preferred New York for the delivery as that was the city she was born in and wanted her children also to be born there".

Earlier we heard that Mohan Babu has suggested the names Bhayalakshmi and Maha Lakshmi for twin girls, but he has given the choice to the Vishnu and his wife veronica to name their babies and now they have come up with the names as Ariaana and Viviana.

Soon Manchu Vishnu is going to start his new film titled "Dorakadu".

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