Manchu Vishnu Nearly Broke His Head

Performing stunts is not an easy task but the heroes in the industry go to an extent to perform them so that they appear real and natural. Manchu family is always first to perform daring stunts and we have seen Manoj turning the stunt master for many of his movies. Now, it is the time where Vishnu risked his life to perform a stunt for his upcoming movie Aachari America Yatra.

Manchu Vishnu in Achari America Yatra
Manchu Vishnu in Achari America Yatra

Manchu Vishnu shared a video on the social media where he came up with a caption, “Stunts are not always safe. Nearly broke my head with this one.” The video and the caption clearly indicate the level of risk involved while performing the stunts. Vishnu was injured badly during the shoot of the movie and because of that, the makers had to take a break.

On the other side, the video is currently trending viral and people are acknowledging the guts of Vishnu. The film Aachari America Yatra is gearing up for a release on 27th.

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