Manchu Vishnu fined?

Manchu Vishnuvardhan, son of Dr.Mohan Babu was fined by Government of Switzerland for his rash driving and Vishnu violated the traffic rules by driving his car more than the stipulated speed on particular road. He was exceeded the speed limits set by Swiss Govt, speed limit set by Switzerland Government is 120 mph with a relaxation of 20 mph which comes to the maximum of 140 mph, whereas Vishnu drove his car at a speed of 145 mph as recorded by speedometer exceeding the limit of 140 mph. The Switzerland police traced the car and trapped Vishnu with the help of International driving license and imposed a fine of 380 Euros 9 (Rs.24, 200 approximately) on Vishnu.

Further to this, a notice was sent to Interpol who forwarded this to CBI and CBI sent an order to the CID officers of Andhra Pradesh to issue the case notice to actor, Vishnu. CID officers did the same and confirmed the payment of fine by Vishnu against the notice. Vishnu paid the amount it seems.

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