Manchu Vishnu angry with Voter director

Manchu Vishnu, who has been doing a very few films of late, has come up with his new film called Voter. The first look of the film was released around a month ago but since then there was no news about in the media. Now, it re-surfaced again for a different reason. Vishnu now demands that director of the film, Karthik Reddy has to pay him Rs. 1.5 crores.

Manchu Vishnu Turns Voter
Manchu Vishnu Turns Voter

If we get into the story, one of the close aides of Vishnu informed media that Voter’s story is quite similar to the story of Mohan Babu’s Assembly Rowdy, which was produced under his home banner. As the screenplay of both the films is similar, Vishnu made a contract with Karthik that the latter should pay 1.5 crore rupees for taking their screenplay. Now, Vishnu’s team is alleging that Karthik is refusing to pay the money.

On the other side, Karthik claims that first of all, his version of the story is entirely different from Assembly Rowdy. But it was Vishnu who made him change the screenplay according to Assembly Rowdy just to make him sign the contract later. He also alleged that Vishnu asked for credits in the story and in the screenplay. Finally, he was made to give Vishnu credit for the screenplay. We have to see how Vishnu will respond on his counter allegations.

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