Manchu Senior all excited

The one man who is apparently very happy about his son’s progress is Actor Mohan Babu. The veteran star is extremely happy with the first cut of Vishnu’s Doosukeltha. He saw the first ten minute opening of the film and was extremely thrilled. Manchi Vishnu leads in this entertainer directed by Veeru Potla. The actor also tweeted about his father lately – “Everytime dad wants to watch my movie it’s like giving a board exam and waiting for results. Today he wanted to see the first ten minutes of Doosukeltha. He came into my room and shook my hand and hugged Veeru. He was laughing uncontrollably thinking of my intro with Posani. This is the first time he reacted like this – Huggeee Relief!”. Lavanya Tripathy plays the female lead in the film. This is her second film after her debut, “Andaala Rakshasi”

The film is currently progressing with the production and is touted to be an out an out commercial cinema.

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