Manchu Manoj gave love letter to NBK’s Daughter

If sources in Filmnagar are believed, Mohan Babu is these days more concentrating on getting into a family relation with Nandamuri’s by asking Balayya’s daughter Tejaswini’s hand for Manchu Manoj.


As per the sources Mohan Babu’s son Manchu Manoj Kumar is in deeply love with Tejaswini, the second daughter of Nandamuri Balakrishna. Recently Tejaswin was very much shocked when Manoj gave her love letter.


She asked him to to ask her parents instead of pestering her. Then her mother Vasundhara too came to know of this incident and chided her to not to talk to him at all. Balakrishna too is not happy with Mohan Babu’s family for this and after this incident the distance between both the families have increased.


This might be the reason that Mohan Babu has not attended the engagement of Jr NTR and also for Simha audio function.


Although nothing is yet official, this is the rumor hearing from the film nagar sources.

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