Manchu Lakshmi’s Yoga video going viral

Tomorrow that is 21st of June is the International Yoga Day, many celebrities all over the India have started getting Yoga fever. In Tollywood, Manchu Lakshmi took the initiative to create awareness about Yoga among masses.

Manchu Lakshmi
Manchu Lakshmi

Manchu Lakshmi is known for her content oriented roles more than glamor roles. One will raise a doubt on her fitness levels as she has never done any moves lately. But her latest released video has been redefining the meaning of her fitness. She did a 5 minutes Yoga video with some amazing poses and released it on Youtube. Now all are shocked to see her fitness levels of her as she is doing all the difficult poses with ease and grace. She has taken the initiative, and many celebrities are following her to create a minimum awareness among common people about Yoga.

She is now requesting all the general people to know more about Yoga and asking all to do it in their daily life. Yoga helps in both Physical and Mental well being of people.

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