Manchu Family left Film Nagar!

Manchu Family’s residence in Film Nagar is the main landmark in that region. Now, this family is shifting their base to Shamshabad. Recently, Manchu Family built a new house in Shamshabad area and the entire family shifted to that place. Pollution in Film Nagar and the traffic turned out to be a hurdle for this family.


It is known that all the stars in this family are quite busy with multiple projects. In this scenario, traffic turned out to be a big issue for the family members. Adding to this, pollution may damage the health of the kids. Taking all these into consideration, Manchu Family decided to move to Shamshabad.

This new house has all the hi-tech facilities. It seems that the furniture and the interior designs in the new house looked awesome. People who visited their house are now aspiring to have similar designs to their homes. Finally, Manchu Family’s landmark status in Film Nagar may get vanished as the family may sell that house soon.

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